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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Is there any way to fit six months' worth of clothing for two people into four suitcases? You do the math. It wouldn't be so bad if Phil didn't insist on bringing books. I have borrowed a Nook, so I don't need any real books (thank you, Debra!). But Phil needs texts, and outside readings, and then there are all the travel guides. Yes, Phil is that guy with the travel guide and the map. No fanny pack, though. No big white sneakers.

We leave in six days and still don't definitely have an apartment, or at least not an apartment number. When I wrote to ask, I was told our place is "under renovation" and they "still need to divide the apartment." Maybe this has a different meaning in Flemish. It sounds to me as if walls are missing. But Gent seems to have acquired an Ikea, so we can always buy some walls if necessary. You can get anything at Ikea, right?

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