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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tot Ziens! À Bientôt!

The Final Wall O' Beer. With thanks to Jo,
Ben, Biggie, Gary, Kries, Annie, Klauser, and Sue for their
aid in acquisition and consumption
It's our last post from Belgium. I know you all would like to express your heartfelt sorrow at the ending of our five fabulous months of excess. You feel our pain. You wish we could stay forever. We are grateful for your sympathy. And our credit card company shares your feelings.

We will close out our time in Gent with a few photos of nearby sights that are part of our daily lives, the oddities and beauties that we will miss the most.
Our balcony at Home Heymans

St. Pieters, the Scheldt. Home Heymans
Best quattro formaggio pizza ever

Sphinxes near St. Pietersplein

Wanted to fit this in our luggage. Too big.

Site of many fine film viewings (and also The Avengers)
Largest DVD shop in Europe. Saw all 5
seasons of The Wire -- again

Amorous ibexes on our evening walk

Barge cafe where many labels were peeled

The tower of the evil dwarf (see May 5 post)

Our favorite Gent fountain
Waterfall in Citadel Park

In an alcove at the Combreen Institute
Secret vineyard behind St. Pieters (are the priests
making their own wine?)

I don't know what this is, but Phil likes it

But don't despair. We'll be in Luxembourg and Burgundy for the next five days, attempting to drown our sadness in a sea of Chablis. And, of course, blogging about it.