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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wall o' Beer

Just in case you were thinking that Phil wasn't completely nuts, here is the art that graces our apartment.

Yes, it is a Wall o' Beer. Well, a Wall o' Beer labels. Belgian beer labels. These are the ones we've consumed since we've been here. For those who haven't been subjected to it, the Professor also has a very large album of beer labels from other  visits to Belgium. (There is also a small but growing pile of cheese labels hidden in a basket in the dining area. I'm not supposed to know it's there.)

There is one label that isn't Belgian -- the La Trappe Quadrupel. Phil insists that it belongs on the Wall because it is made just over the border in the Netherlands, by the only Trappist monastery that is not in Belgium, in the Belgian style. (To set things straight, by the way, I was wrong when I wrote that a tripel is made with three times the usual amount of malt. Damn you, Wikipedia! A tripel is fermented three times. A dubbel is doubly fermented. A quadrupel, very rare indeed, is...yes, you got it.) Anyway, I don't feel the label should be up there, but it is Phil's Wall o' Beer, so I get no say. What do you think?

And should you believe that we are stumbling drunk all the time, you can count them. It works out to about one a day, which we split. Just enough alcohol to kill germs.

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