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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Changing of the Guard; A Vague Pithy Title that Doesn't Relate to the Topic at All

Ben is visiting this week, and he has generously agreed to take over the responsiblities and obligations of the blog. So...

Well, I arrived today and I have been entranced once again by the majesty of the golden nation of Belgium. Upon exiting the terminal, I was forced by nothing other than fate to wait for an hour and a half for my parents to pick me up (because they suffered some most-likely falsified traffic dramas).

After this introduction to the passenger pickup area of the Brussels airport, we went into Brussels and saw many many things. Photos phollow:

In short, we ate waffles of the Belgian variety, enjoyed the grandeur of the Grand-Place, and bathed in the pee of the Mannikin Pis.

Allow me to touch upon a part of the trip that is surely notable. Car rides, especially in urban areas, especially in standard-shift cars, can be riddled with strife, chaos, and indignity.

About Gent, the place I visited after Brussels and am currently residing in and enjoying with my parents and...oh, this sentence is way too long.

We drank raspberry beer and due to my jet lag, I attempted to take a short nap. After sleeping a total of ten minutes, I was awakened with raspberry beer and went with Phil to explore the finer points of the city. I could describe to you what I saw in words, but I'd rather do so in feelings: pure emotion. Happy. Amazed. Shocked! Surprised!! If these emotional adjectives do not convey the exact mental image of the architecture and artistry of the city, perhaps the following fotos will:

If they didn't, let me describe in excruciating detail everything I did in Gent:
drank beer
drank beer
saw carnival
got my writing micromanaged

See, followers, there's something you're not entirely aware of. Though I've taken command of this blog in spirit and name, I'm still subject to the whims and illogical, ungrounded syntactical judgments of the blog owner.


  1. double that :)
    and how did you let the youth end one of his sentences with a preposition?
    inquiring minds would like to know...

    1. I tried to provide the illusion of freedom. Obviously didn't fool him a bit.