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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Well, we saw the Louvre. 'Twas a spectactular assemblage of the finest art. Pockets of pink flesh dripped from the Rubenses in the Flemish wing, as unnecessarily portly and aristocratic women exposed one or more of their breasts to the receptive viewer.

The Mona Lisa in the Italian section stared at me with her piercing eyes and indeterminate expression.

Then Klauser showed up -- the greatest of all works of living art -- along with his lovely wife Sue, and joined us for a meal of extravagant Frenchness. The five of us concluded by perambulating around the gardens of the Palais Royal, at which point we parted ways as the tears flowed like ambrosia.

We didn't get lost at all Paris, but upon returning to Gent...

I also went to Amsterdam.

And now I am leaving. Sadness overwhelms me, yet I feel as though I've grown, from the culture and the wisdom to which I've been exposed here.

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