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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fashion Forward

This weekend's trip was to Antwerp. We were invited by a Joycean with whom Phil had years of correspondence but had never met. Now, I know that Antwerp is a fashion capitol. Ann Demeulemeester, Dries van Noten, those other four...So, under the impression that we'd be hanging at a cafe, dining out, perhaps enjoying a brief museum visit, I opted for the slightly more stylish footwear.


Our host was utterly charming and incredibly knowledgeable about Antwerp. And of course he was wearing sneakers. He took us first to the waterfront, where a very tall anthropological museum provided an amazing view of the city.

Then we walked to Our Lady cathedral, the largest cathedral in Belgium. Flamboyantly Gothic. Luckily for us, the art museum is undergoing renovation, so many of its Rubenses had been moved to the cathedral (their original location).

Next we did the cafe thing, drinking one of the local brews and people watching. Sitting, thank god. Some interesting fashion. Dogs in tutus. I asked the eternal question: How can women walk on cobblestones in spike heels?

Then on to St. Charles Borromeo, this church in a style known as Jesuit Baroque (do the Jesuits have any other style?).

Our host left us at that point. Having walked for 4 hours in this gorgeous city, we opted for an early dinner -- waterzooie, a Flemish specialty.

Finally back to Gent, and another mile up to our apartment.

And now I tend the mangled bits of flesh that once were my feet...

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